All are welcome.

[GOOD] creates rich, welcoming experiences that expand the definition of wellness.

Come as you are.


We believe that living well doesn’t have to be about sacrifice and denial, and it’s certainly not exclusive. We’re shifting the conversation, and we are here to prove that wellness is not one size fits all. It is about going beyond the physical—finding balance, finding yourself, and learning to relax into shameless enjoyment and rich connection.

[GOOD] provides a comfortable environment to unite, discover, reveal, connect, and thrive. Covering everything from astrology to sustainability, anxiety to orgasms, we create events where hugs between strangers are encouraged, where tacos are as welcome as kale.

Our goal? To refresh, challenge, and inspire you to create positive change within yourself and for the world. Join us.



We’re the lucky ones—we get to bring together
the best in wellness for a day of
curiosity, discovery, and high vibe connection.
There’s an entire army that supports us,
and we owe much of our success to
coffee, group texts, and an appetite for true connection.

Thank you for being part of the fun,
Jess, Jen, Kate, LK